Efficient data distribution

With the highest quality data collected from below the surface, distributing it efficiently is vital to ensure that the right decisions can be made by experts on shore quickly. Our technology is a key enabler of communications within the Digital Ocean. From underwater modems and transponders to distribution of data from ship to shore, we are committed to delivering high quality data streams that can be viewed by all stakeholders.
While email or FTP data transfer is still viable, in order to ensure the most effective distribution of data from your vessels, moving your operations into the Cloud can ensure much more effective sharing and efficient usage of your data. Using cloud technology, your whole team, wherever they are, can view and interact with high quality data feeds.

And when it comes to getting your data off your vessels, there is a new game in town, in the form of KONGSBERG’s Maritime Broadband Radio (MBR) solution. MBR is an innovative foundation allowing you to customise your own high-bandwidth and low latency IP networks for data, media streaming and voice comms that will work in all conditions, and costs nothing to send data on when in range.

Of course, the technology we are providing to make the Digital Ocean a reality is fully satcom enabled, meaning that our data infrastructure and technology configuration is optimised for distribution on VSAT communication, ensuring fast transfer and lower data usage through compression.