Making the best possible use of vessel time

Starting out underwater, KONGSBERG’s leading portfolio of hydroacoustic and physicochemical technology is well proven with an exemplary track record, to collect the highest quality data, ensuring your work results in availability of the best possible information to be acted on.

Digital services are not possible unless excellent data is available. Our systems collect data for diverse purposes, and can be combined to deliver an unmatched breadth information from e.g., multibeam and side-scan, and Methane, CO2 and Oxygen levels, to sub bottom profiling and backscatter, ensuring the most complete picture of what is below the surface can be created.

Making the best possible use of vessel time is critical to efficient data collection. Our instruments are developed for simplicity and flexibility, while integration between disparate technologies enables new efficiencies and a safe, autonomous, platform for future operations in even more remote places; made possible by KONGSBERG’s marine robotics and autonomous vessel technology.

Regardless of manned or unmanned platforms and vessels, operational performance is crucial to ensure flexibility for diverse operations such as double surveys, while the end result from data collected is as high quality as possible. Accordingly, we continue to add features and functions that increase range, capabilities and performance across our technology portfolio.