Collect. Distribute. Analyse.

Kongsberg Maritime is pleased to introduce you to the Digital Ocean,
a new concept that harmonises your data processes, from the oceans to the office.

The Digital Ocean is enabled by the combination of our leading underwater technology for the collection of data by marine researchers and commercial operators, the interconnectivity to distribute the data and the digital, cloud-based foundation to analyse it.

By integrating the entire journey that data takes using connected solutions from KONGSBERG, Digital Ocean becomes a single ecosystem for more efficient, lower cost and better performing operations.

Make sure to join us at Ocean Business on stands N1, P1 and P2 to find out more about how KONGSBERG is enabling the Digital Ocean across the three key stages of data;

Collect. Distribute. Analyse.

Future proof

The Digital Ocean is designed to make data collection, distribution and analysis future-proof. As exploration and commercial operations go deeper, Kongsberg Maritime’s well proven underwater instruments, marine robotics and autonomous technologies help you to work efficiently and safe at the darkest depths and further from shore.

The sustainable future includes surveying hard to reach places. For this, using people can be limiting and, in many cases, impossible. Which is where marine robotics and autonomous technology comes in. With KONGSBERG technology, it is possible to send out equipment for longer term assignments without undue pressure on personnel and HSE.

With KONGSBERG technology out in the field – wherever that may be – your people can be safe on land, ready to analyse and act on the information provided. And while this delivers safety in extreme environments, the cost-benefits of autonomous operations will be significant.

The Digital Ocean will prepare KONGSBERG customers for the future and the required technologies and integration is already here. KONGSBERG has the building blocks to accelerate your digital transformation and we are looking forward to showing you how they go together at Ocean Business 2019. See you on our stand!